Design Build Committee

The Design Build Committee's primary purpose is to provide students who are interested in pursuing a construction oriented career with scholarships and financial support through grants and other donations and to advance homebuilding educational programs at high schools, community colleges and universities. 

The committee coordinates the Annual Design/Build Competition, which is held each spring at Reliable Wholesale Lumber.  Design/Build is a two-day event involving teams from Southern California high schools and community colleges all competing to build their own structure.  All teams are required to go through much the same process as professional architects and builders: students are asked to draw their own architectural and building plans in advance and to then incorporate input from ongoing building and planning code inspections as their construction progresses.  This is a well-attended event and a great vocational program for students studying residential or commercial construction. 

To learn more about the Design Build Committee and find out how to get involved, please email Amy Cisneros at, or call her office at 949-777-3855.