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  • 29 Jun 2017 by BIASC-Staff

    The Parade of Products, or POP @ PCBC, is an awards program designed to honor outstanding achievements in innovation and new product development. Entries are limited to product that have been on the market less than 18 months. If your product is not yet on the market, then it should be commercially available by the fall. Also, each exhibitor has a one entry limit. Representing the best in innovation and new product solutions, fifteen POP @ PCBC award winners were chosen by a panel of industry judges and were rated according to solution base, innovation, practical application and design.

    American Standard - Booth #105

    ActiClean® Self-Cleaning Toilet
    The new ActiClean from American Standard is the toilet that cleans itself, combining the power of revolutionary VorMax flushing technology with a fully integrated self-cleaning system. Simply press a button, walk away, and let the toilet do the rest – it’s that easy. ActiClean eliminates the need for after-market add-on cleaning solutions that are unsightly, ineffective and may even damage toilets. No more in-the-bowl or in-the-tank cleaning solutions that may not work effectively with high efficiency, low consumption toilets. This pioneering ActiClean toilet provides the luxury of a toilet that cleans itself – featuring a simplified, user-selected activation system.

    AquaTrip (from GSFM) - Booth #655

    The AquaTrip is a permanently installed smart meter and valve, that will minimize water loss and mitigate sever water damages caused by leaks and burst or frozen pipes. The AquaTrip monitors the flow of water into a property and will shut off the water supply automatically if a leak is detected. Fully programmable to fit most properties, with no interference of normal water needs or use. Each unit can be programmed to suit whatever continuous water flow times are acceptable to the user, and once the AquaTrip detects flow beyond those parameters, it will interrupt water supply until proper steps have been taken.

    BRINC Building Products - Booth #120

    ThermalBuck™ High-Performance Window Buck
    Builders know attaching windows with exterior rigid foam is a challenge. Yet continuous insulation is critical in eliminating the thermal bridge in a wall assembly. ThermalBuck solves the problem by extending the mounting point for windows & doors to create a flush plane for cladding. It integrates with the WRB, handles shear & wind loads, and acts as an air & water barrier. With an R-value range of 4.4 to 11, ThermalBuck insulates the mounting points and limits thermal bridging. Simple to install and easier to flash than a wood buck, it saves builders time & money. ThermalBuck is a true continuous insulation solution for the building envelope.

    Carrier - Booth #1425

    Cor 7C thermostat
    The next generation Côr 7C thermostat is demand-response capable and meets the Occupant Controlled Smart Thermostat requirements set by the California Energy Commission. They will also feature compatibility with Amazon Echo, Apple® HomeKit™ and other popular connected home systems. It saves homeowners an estimates 20 percent on their home comfort costs and provides remote access via the innovative mobile app which provides real-time savings estimates based on changes to the climate control.

    CityLift Parking - Booth #244

    The Hive Parking Structure
    The first and only fully automated parking garage in the San Francisco Bay Area. Covering only 1,600 square feet, we converted 7 conventional surface parking spaces into 39 parking spaces built on 7 levels. The garage will be fully automated meaning that drivers will drive their car into a bay, and the structure will park the car for them into one of the 39 spaces available.

    GuildQuality - Booth #721

    GuildQuality Crew
    GuildQuality Crew - Build better, together. Finding skilled labor within the construction industry isn’t always easy. Fortunately, our brand-new tool, GuildQuality Crew, helps builders, remodelers, contractors, etc., find and connect with other talented industry professionals, and endorse them for their best work. In addition to being a great networking tool, GuildQuality Crew is also an excellent promotional tool. Users can customize their Crew profile page, check-in to projects in real-time, share photos of their work start to finish, promote their greatest achievements, and get the recognition they deserve for their commitment to quality!

    Keene Building Products - Booth #1448

    Easy-Fur™ is a rollable furring strip that creates a cutting edge rainscreen and venting system behind wood and fiber-cement siding. Easy-Fur’s unique design allows for the fastest installation of any furring strip on the market, because it can be rolled onto the wall and easily cut to length. Creating ventilation behind your siding is 
the best way to increase the life of the siding, as well as decrease the effects of moisture products in your wall.

    Kichler - Booth #1350

    Kichler LED Downlight
    A new alternative to recessed, Horizon is for new construction. Visually appealing; .5" ceiling extension, even light distribution, no hotspots, looks like recessed. Installs in 3 quick steps; 1-affix mounting bracket to j-box, 2-connect wires w/provided wire nuts, 3-snap fixture into mounting bracket. Horizon reduces installation time while j-box placement eliminates worry of soffits, rafters and duct work like recessed. Horizon helps on costs too. Using only a jbox, there are fewer pieces to order, track, lose, etc. Horizon is efficient; 68 lumens/watt and 12.5 watts, 110 degree beam spread provides well distributed overhead/ambient lighting.

    Knauf Insulation - Booth #122

    Integrated Roof Deck Batt
    The EcoBatt Integrated Roof Deck Insulation by Knauf Insulation utilizes a state of the art product and installation technique. A Reinforced Moisture Permeable facing is laminated to the batt and installed to the underside of the roof deck using a pneumatic staple gun. This unique fastening technique allows for horizontal insulation installation that exceeds the framing depth. This efficient, safe and cost effective installation method allows for full recovery and maximum thermal performance meeting Title 24 Prescriptive Method for Vented Attics Option B. The R-19 24” X 48” spreads over the top chord of the truss framing creating a seamless layer of insulation across the entire roof deck.

    Moen Incorporated - Booth #1037

    U by Moen
    U by Moen™ shower is the only cloud-based, app-driven digital shower on the market. Offering Wi-Fi mobile connectivity and the ultimate personalization, it provides users countless ways to create their ideal shower with the push of a button. Consumers can customize settings directly in the shower and save them with preset buttons. The app enables users to create up to 12 personalized presets including name, temperature, shower timer and notifications. By syncing their smartphone to their shower, users can start and stop remotely. U by Moen features a warm up and pause function, allowing users to save water by having the shower pause once the water has reached the desired temperature.

    Pro-Flash Building Products Inc. - Booth #549

    Pro-Flash Building Seal
    Pro-Flash building seals provide a lasting, economical solution to sealing the various penetrations that come through a building's exterior. Pro-Flash seals are flexible and slide over pipe and HVAC penetrations to form an instant weather-tight and bug-tight seal. Each unit also comes conveniently equipped with tear lines to accommodate multiple sizes. The patented central seal is surrounded with a flexible and breathable membrane which easily integrates into any building system. They are available for most if not all pipe sizes and electrical junction boxes. A true game changer for the building industry!

    Sky Technologies - Booth #537

    For over 120 years, the world has had the wall receptacle as simple standard for powering products. This platform impacted our lives immeasurably. The things we connect to these receptacles are countless and have advanced beyond dreams. Sky Technologies’ SkyPlug™ redefines the receptacle making luminaires and ceiling fans Plug & Play for everyday people. The Smart SkyPlug extends Bluetooth BLE 4.0+/ Wi-Fi control to any fixture. In 2017, SkyPlug™ reached the NEC code de facto status, changing the definition of the electrical receptacle in the NEC book after 120 years, which enables builders to qualify for certificate of occupancy (CO), significantly reduce labor and construction cycle time.

    Slide Clear Inc. - Booth #511

    CLR | Multi Slide minimal door
    Slide Clears new multi slide door has an exceptionally small frame to maximize views and ensure unobstructed sightlines. It's contemporary styling, minimalist design, integrated handles and stainless steel four wheeled carriers are engineered for the most demanding environments and performance codes. Its triple pane glass helps it achieve extraordinarily low U values and provides outstanding protection from heat or cold. It has thin symmetrical profiles, diverse opening options, up to 16’ tall and 60 ‘ wide, and panels that slide both ways. The CLR | Multi Slide minimal door delivers a distinctive modern look, superb performance, sophistication, clear and open sightlines - Ingenuity Made Simple.

    Stonewall Fence - Booth #118

    Stonewall Fence Panel
    The Stonewall Fence panel is a revolutionary new patent pending method of installing a real stone fence. Each panel consists of an exterior veneer of real stone with a 2.5" foam core. The panel measures 6'x8' and is one piece and weighs less than 80 pounds. The post system is vinyl and extremely easy to install. The product is has a high end appearance and is priced competitively to other premium fencing materials. Other features include: sound barrier characteristics, privacy assured, no tradesmen required, no rebar required and continuous trenching required.

    Whirlpool Corporation - Booth #2012

    Whirlpool® Wall Oven with Scan-to-Cook Technology
    Ever experience the disappointment of burning a dish right as the family was sitting down to dinner? New Scan-to-Cook technology in the new Whirlpool® Wall Oven, part of the new Fingerprint Resistant Smart Kitchen Suite, will ensure the right settings for every frozen food meal. Just scan the UPC barcode on a food package in the Whirlpool® mobile app* and the Scan-to-Cook technology –an anticipated industry-first – will send the right directions, temperature and cooking time settings straight to the appliance. *Requires WiFi and account creation. App features and functionality subject to change. Subject to Terms of Service available at: Data rates may apply.


    Jimmy Diffee, VP Creative Director, The Bokka Group
    Steve Easley, Owner/Principal, Steve Easley & Associates
    Bryce Hall, Principal, KEPHART
    Brian Jamison, National Purchasing Director, Pulte Group
    Robert Raymer, Senior Engineer/Technical Director, CA Building Industry Association
    Larry Sekely, VP of National Accounts, M/I Homes, Inc.


    POP Winners Receive These Benefits

    • Recognition on our special POP @ PCBC kiosk
    • Additional exhibit floor exposure including distinct signage
    • Publicity prior to the show through on-line and social media platforms
    • Recognition as a POP @ PCBC winner on and in pre-show marketing materials
    • Recognition as a POP @ PCBC winner in Exhibit Floor marketing materials during the show
    • Possible inclusion in the pre-show issue of Professional Builder Magazine*

    *As a partner publication of PCBC, Professional Builder will feature a showcase of selected POP @ PCBC award winners. PCBC exercises no control over editorial content and coverage of winning products is not guaranteed.

  • 22 Jun 2017 by BIASC-Staff

    In the beginning, there was mud. The earliest human dwellings were constructed of nothing more than mud-and-straw bricks baked in the sun. The ancient Romans were the first to experiment with concrete, mixing lime and volcanic rock to build majestic structures like the Pantheon in Rome, still the largest unreinforced concrete dome in the world [source: Pruitt].


    But what does the future hold for construction technology? Will there come a day when noisy construction crews are replaced by swarms of autonomous nanobots? Will the cracks in concrete foundations one day miraculously heal themselves, or gas stations be replaced by electric cars running on self-charging roads?


    Flip through the slide show in order to see all the new technology in construction.



    Read the full article in it's entirety on How Stuff Works.