Your BIASC Membership Benefits: Specialty Councils and Committees

Your BIASC Membership Benefits: Specialty Councils and Committees
10 Jan 2017

A membership with the Building Industry Association of Southern California, Inc. (BIASC) comes with a wide variety of amazing benefits. One added benefit to joining the organization is the ability to join a specialty council or committee. Below is the list of councils and committees available to you.


To learn more about these BIASC councils and committees, to find out about upcoming events, or how to join, please email Amy Cisneros at, or call her office at 949-777-3855.


The Remodelers and Custom Builders Council (RCBC) is a professional network created to help remodelers identify ways to establish and maintain credibility with customers, exchange ideas, and develop new services as needed.BIASC Remodelers and Custom Builders Council are proud to offer NAHB Educational Courses that provide opportunities for professional growth on a personal and company-wide level. With such a rapidly expanding active adult housing market, the need for construction professionals capable of building, renovating and retrofitting to the stringent codes and requirements required on all such projects is greater than ever before.


The Union Contractors Council (UCC) is composed of union general contractors and subcontractors who share the common concerns of advancing union construction and addressing critical industry issues which impact union contractors.


UCC'S purpose is to promote union contractors and union construction; provide a platform for union contractors to address issues impacting the union segment of the industry; provide a means of networking for union general contractors and union subcontractors; exchange ideas and knowledge through educational programs; and to seek solutions to our industry problems together. All interested parties can contact Pam Ackrich for more information at 949-553-9500, ext 858 or email her at


The Customer Service Builders Council (CSBC) provides a forum where customer service professionals can network and share ideas on new technologies and innovative solutions for warranty and service within the building industry, improvements in product quality and service, and educational resources for both the industry and the public.



The Council on Shaping Advancements in Generational Environments (SAGE), formerly known as the 55+ Housing Council, provides the education and networking tools needed to ensure success in building for and serving the senior market. The council offers builders and developers the chance to learn and share information with others in their field, helping them to maintain their competitive edge.


Members receive valuable insight into a variety of senior care and housing issues affecting the growth and prosperity of their industry. The council presents a collective voice to city planning boards and town officials involved in the development and approval of senior housing and senior oriented businesses.


The Greater Sales & Marketing Council’s (GSMC) mission is to deliver greater reward, greater benefits, and greater return to our members throughout Southern California by providing a forum for Membership, Education, Networking, Recognition, Sponsorship, and Mentoring.


The Home Builders Committee's (HBC) primary purpose is to provide students who are interested in pursuing a construction oriented career with scholarships and financial support through grants and other donations and to advance homebuilding educational programs at high schools, community colleges and universities.


HBC coordinates the Annual Design/Build Competition, which is held each spring at the Orange County Marketplace.  Design/Build is a two-day event involving teams from Southern California high schools and community colleges all competing to build their own structure (lifeguard tower, storage shed, etc.)  All teams are required to go through much the same process as professional architects and builders: students are asked to draw their own architectural and building plans in advance and to then incorporate input from ongoing building and planning code inspections as their construction progresses.  This is a well-attended event and a great vocational program for students studying residential or commercial construction.


With the profound importance of worker safety in mind, the representatives from many of our region's top builders have joined together to create the Southern California Builders Safety Alliance Committee (SCBSA). The goal of the SCBSA is to develop a unilateral set of safety-oriented best practices to observed at all residential construction sites. Additionally, the SCBSA will conduct job-site trainings to ensure that all contractors operate in accordance to the SCBSA guidelines. If you have any questions about the SCBSA, please contact Denise Kennedy at 949-777-3854 or


To learn more about these BIASC councils and committees, to find out about upcoming events, or how to join, please email Amy Cisneros at, or call her office at 949-777-3855.