Peninsula Publishing Shares Their Experience as Members of BIASC

For more than 90 years the Building Industry Association of Southern California, Inc. (BIASC) has served building professionals from Ventura to the southern tip of Orange County. The organization’s mission has been to leave a positive impact on Southern California’s new construction market and connect builders, developers and, associate members of the building industry with one another to keep construction moving.


BIASC continues to serve its members by anticipating, protecting, and promoting its members’ common interests throughout the Southern California region.  The organization also strives to ensure the ability of its members to effectively plan for, and meet, the building and construction needs of Southern California.


The BIASC’s staff and chapter representatives loves to engage and hear feedback from its members.  Recently one of BIASC’s long-time members has shared their own experience about being involved with the organization.


Nick Slevin, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Peninsula Publishing Inc., has shared his own experience as a 26-year-member of BIASC in the December 2016 issue of Builder and Developer Magazine.


On a subject near and dear to me personally, I would like to use this forum to thank the team at our local Building Industry Association of Southern California, where we have been members these past 26 years. Mike Balsamo is the Executive Director of our organization. I have worked with Mike on the BIA board for the past several years. It has been my privilege to serve on various boards over the many years we have belonged. Our team has been made welcome by BIA. They have gotten behind our Net-Zero ABC Green Home Project and publications.


Since we began publishing back in 1990, we have belonged to many BIA and HBA chapters around the country. If you already belong, then you understand. If your business is not yet a member, you should join. You are missing out on terrific opportunities to meet builders, architects, suppliers, consultants—right at home in your own marketplace.


 I have met and worked alongside some of the nicest folks in the building business through my membership and participation as an NAHB member. If you were a member previously, you would be welcomed back. I built Peninsula Publishing into a national media business with over 225,000 subscribers while participating within the NAHB.


It remains my privilege to participate. I urge you to take out membership for your own business and please tell them I sent you. A list of executive directors and some state chapter offices is below. You will be very pleased you did.


Read the full Publisher’s Note in the December 2016 issue of Builder and Developer Magazine  here.