BIASC’s Director of Environmental Affairs Invited to Present at the 2016 San Gabriel Valley Water Forum

Mark Grey, Ph.D, Director of Environmental Affairs at the Building Industry Association of Southern California and Technical Director of the Construction Industry of the Coalition on Water Quality was invited by the San Gabriel Municipal Water District to present at the 2016 San Gabriel Valley Water Forum on September 20, 2016.


The forum arrives during a time when the current drought is demonstrating the potential to create extreme conditions for our water supply, environment, public health and economy in the San Gabriel Valley. The event invites industry experts to think about solutions regarding the water supply that may be faced with shortages, but other significant drought-related impacts are on the horizon.


Dr. Grey’s talk titled, Forward-Looking Residential Building Strategies, was presented during the 10:50 a.m. panel discussion, Lessons and Success Stories: The Future of Water Conservation.


The discussion covered the efficiency, technology, and the building industry’s support in adaption of new residential homes from a water conservation standpoint.


Dr. Grey spoke alongside Ty Teissere of Greywater Action; John Gillett, Chief Operating Officer of Energy Inspectors; and Dominique Hargreaves, Executive Director of  U.S. Green Building Council – Los Angeles. The presentations and discussions were moderated by Cindy Montañez, Chief Executive Officer of TreePeople.