Safety Alliance

Working Hard to Create Safe Job Sites in the Building Industry

Meet the Southern California Builders Safety Alliance (SCBSA) 2017 Leadership

Aaron Strand, Toll Brothers, Co-Chair     

Brian Rusaw, Co-Chair  

Juan Corona, K. Hovnanian Homes, Co-Chair, Audit Team Leader

Rod Plunkett, Shea Homes, Co-Chair Assistant

Lyne DeCuir, Warmington, Group Co-Chair Assistant

Moe Davis, Alliant, Training Coordinator


Helpful Links

Fall 2016 Safety Brochure


August 2016 Southern California Builders Safety Alliance Meeting


Extreme Heat Is A Threat To Worker Safety!

Inspect Your Jobsite Daily


OSHA Fines to Jump 78% Effective Aug. 1

May 2016 Southern California Builders Safety Alliance Meeting

February 2017 Meeting: When Cal-OSHA Comes Knockin': Does, Don'ts, and Strategies for Employers                      



SCBSA 2017 Sponsorship Opportunities

The Southern California Builders Safety Alliance was created with the profound importance of worker safety in mind.  Representatives from many of our region’s top builders have joined together to create an environment for education and peer to peer discussion to keep our job sites safe for everyone involved.  Be part of the discussion by engaging in an annual sponsorship of the Alliance.  The Alliance currently has 4 meetings and 4 trainings scheduled for 2017. 


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